Data Driven Moodboards

The Testing and Data Collection App For Creatives and Agencies

Get the opinions that truly matter – your audience’s. With Constellations, you can share your moodboard with just one user or thousands, and quickly identify meaningful patterns that inspire effective design.

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Create Your Mooboard For Testing

Arrange a moodboard or series of moodboards to gather audience feedback.

Share With Your Audience

Email a link to share your moodboard with your audience. This could be a handful of stakeholders or thousands of survey participants.

See Meaningful Patterns

Visualize how people are responding to various aspects of your moodboard. Differentiate between positive and negative feedback from the audience. Gain valuable data-driven insights to inform your design decisions based on actionable visual data.

Professional Application

Effective Design Direction

Move beyond the myopic opinions of just a few stakeholders. Discover how your audience truly responds and design accordingly. With Constellations, gain proven insights into the look and feel that resonates with your audience.

Facts Over Opinion

Design Based on Data

Clear and Actionable Direction

Whether you are a designer, brand consultant, photographer, interior designer, or any other kind of creative, you possess the ability to anticipate your audience’s response even before starting your project.

The Pre-Test Advantage

Don’t waste time iterating and A/B testing with limited insight. While these tactics can be valuable, you can get closer to your goal faster by testing before diving into the creative process.

No More Debate

Too often, creative projects descend into a battle of egos and personal preferences. Now, your designs can be clear, objective, and data-driven. Let design decisions be informed by data rather than driven by opinions.

Build Consensus

Utilize Constellations to foster consensus around a direction. You don’t need to test with thousands to align your team. Start a meaningful conversation by testing with your immediate stakeholders.

Example Prompts

What Images closely align with your brand? Which don't?
Asking employees, brand loyalists, and company leaders about the images they closely associate with a brand and which ones they feel don’t align with the brand is a powerful way to gain insight into their understanding of the brand.
Which images do you most associate with happiness? Which least?
Selecting a specific value or concept and presenting it to a broad audience can be a highly effective strategy to gain powerful insights into how a general audience might respond. By focusing on a well-defined theme or idea, you create a cohesive framework that allows you to gauge the collective preferences, emotions, and perceptions of a diverse audience.
Which space can you see yourself relaxing in? Which aren't relaxing?
Making it personal can help get to the heart of what your audience thinks and feels, and why. Asking them to imagine themselves in your moodboard can yield powerful insights.
What style could you imaging your project looking like? Which don't fit?
Directly asking can reveal the underlying feelings and desires stakeholders have for their project. Be specific and use different stakeholder positions or views as a starting point for important conversations.
Which design is your favorite? Which is your least favorite?
Sometimes, keeping it simple gets you to the best answer the quickest. Get right to the point and ask people what they like and what they don’t.

Constellations emerged from the realization that traditional design decisions were often limited to the viewpoints of a select few. Our founding team – a designer, a data specialist, and a tech expert – built this platform to give creatives better insights into the wider audience they create for. Our goal is to help designers create more impactful work for their clients by understanding broader audience perspectives.